Athletes who play sports in the sun challenge themselves in a sometimes harsh environment.
Every time they sweat and produce heat, they become stronger.

The new ANESSA makes the UV protection veil stronger with sweat, water, or heat.
It offers the strongest* UV protection with a gentle and pleasant formulation,

which allows you to focus on sports once you apply it.
ANESSA supports all sports lovers.

  • *”Strongest” is defined as SPF50+, PA++++,and the highest water-resistant effect in ANESSA series.

The world‘s first* ingredient approach
Sweat and water + heat from the sun makes the UV protection veil stronger!

  • *It is the first in the world that key ingredients (PEG/PPG-14/7 dimethyl ether, stearic acid, and PEG/PPG-9/2 dimethyl ether) were selected for the purpose of facilitating the UV-cut ingredients to spread within the base when they come into contact with sweat and water, or heat (as of October 2019, Shiseido research)
UV protection veil becomes stronger with heat from the sun!


UV protection ingredients are not even ….
UV rays come in through the gap
ANESSA’s Gold Milk can line up
UV protection ingredients evenly thanks to heat!

The UV protection veil gets stronger with sweat or water!

Aqua Booster EXTechnology

The UV protection veil often gets uneven
when in contact with sweat or water.

The UV protection veil gets even and stronger
when in contact with sweat or water!

That is why it fully protects the skin from UV rays!

Also strong against abrasion

The original powder smoothens the texture and prevents the UV protection veil from coming off.

No stickiness* 100% responded

100 % of the respondents say ANESSA doesn't give any stickeness.

Skincare ingredients account for 50% of formulation

Skincare ingredients moisturize the skin and protect it from dryness.

Easily removed with soap

Can be easily removed with normal face soap!

*All data by Shiseido (September 2019) N=100 (women, age 20s-40s)

ANESSA, a reliable partner when playing sports

  • Comes with the Triple Defense Technology
    • Thermobooster technology
    • Aqua Booster EX technology
    • Super Waterproof
  • Sand-proof properties that prevent sand from sticking to the skin
  • A refreshing citrus soap fragrance
  • Can be used as a makeup base as well!
  • *1 All data by Shiseido (September 2019) N=100 (women, age 20s-40s)
  • *2 INTAGE SRI Sunscreen Market From Nov 2000 to Oct 2019 ANESSA(value share in the sunscreen market)

ANESSA loved by world-famous athletes Click to see a message from each athlete.


Professional tennis player
Naomi Osaka


sport climbing
Club: TEAM au
Futaba Ito


para athletics
Club: Nippon Sport Science University
Sae Shigemoto


canoe slalom
Club: Miki House
Takuya Haneda


Momoko Ueda


Ski jumper
Sara Takanashi

Use and feel it!
Users' review

100% of sunscreen users who play outdoor sports responded it was “perfect for sports”
100%* of sunscreen users responded that it does not leave a sticky feeling
  • *1 All data by Shiseido (September 2019) N=100 (women, age 20s-40s)
  • *2 All data by Shiseido (September 2019) N=100 (women, age 20s-40s)