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How to use spray-type sunscreen correctly

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Spray-type sunscreen comes in handy when you take countermeasures against ultraviolet rays for the body, the face and the neck. It’s a product whose convenience is appealing but you tend to think that all you have to do is to “spray one time”. Let us share with you the correct way of using spray-type sunscreen.

How to use spray-type sunscreen

When it comes to spray-type sunscreen, the easy way of applying it appealing. But if you let your guard down, it tends to lead to a more uneven application than using hands. If you bear the following points in mind, you will be able to apply spray-type sunscreen evenly. It should let you to feel the effect of sunscreen more tangibly.

The seven points of using spray-type sunscreen:

POINT1: Shake well before using
POINT2:For the face and neck, spray to the palm and spread it before applying
POINT3:Let the palm adhere closely to the skin and apply in every corner
POINT4:Apply liberally to the body (keep the spray 10 to 15 centimeters away from the body). Apply in a big circular motion
POINT5:Apply even more carefully to the chest and shoulders, which are prone to get suntanned
POINT6:Make the final check on the areas where you tend to forget to apply, namely, between the eyes, the sides of the nostrils, hairline, the back of the ears or the neck, neckline, the top of the foot and the back of the knee

How to apply to the face and neck

First of all, shake the container well.

ANESSA illustration of someone’s applying sunscreen to the palm

For the face, do not spray it directly and apply it to the palm before use, which is the point.

ANESSA illustration of a woman’s spreading sunscreen on the palm of her hands

Spread it carefully in every corner using the palm.

ANESSA illustration of a woman’s applying sunscreen to the neck

Do not spray sunscreen to the neck directly, but apply it to the palm and smooth it upward carefully.

Spray directly over the hair from 10 to 15 centimeters away. It is important to spray over the hair evenly.

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You tend to forget to apply sunscreen on the hairline, neckline, legs, the sides of nostrils, and the back of the neck among others, so be extra careful.

How to apply to the body

ANESSA illustration of a woman’s trying to smooth sunscreen over the arms

For the arms and legs, apply generously to the skin directly. Then, fit the whole palm to the skin and spread the product gently in a large circular motion. Apply carefully to the area from the arms to the shoulders and the chest, because it is prone to get suntanned.

Be careful to apply evenly. The area where a layer of sunscreen is thin tends to get suntanned, so spray amply and spread it all over the body evenly using the palm.

ANESSA illustration of a woman’s having a stretch

The places that you tend to forget to apply on the body are the back of the hand, the top of the foot, knees, the back of the knees, and the sides of the body.
You tend to fail to apply to the top of the foot. Be careful not to let the barefoot have a tan line of sandals!

Tips to keep the effect of sunscreen

In order to keep the effect of sunscreen, it is very important to apply additional layers.

●When you sweat and wipe off the sweat with a towel or after swimming for long hours, reapplication is needed.

●It is recommended that you reapply every two to three hours.

Every time you sweat, reapply! The correct way to use sunscreen

This is the cause of an uneven application of sunscreen!

Dry skin

If your skin is not in good conditions, such as dryness due to lack of skincare, it is said that the skin becomes more vulnerable to the effects of UV rays. To protect the skin against UV rays, moisturize the skin well before applying sunscreen not only in the winter but also in the summer when you sweat a lot as well.

Uneven application of sunscreen

If you skimp on the amount of sunscreen or apply too much, it can also lead to uneven application. It is a cardinal rule to keep the appropriate amount and smooth it carefully.

How to prevent an uneven suntan

Reapply sunscreen frequently

When you sweat a lot and you wipe off the sweat with a towel, sunscreen comes off and its effect wanes. It is highly recommended to reapply every two to three hours.

The spring when ultraviolet rays get strong is just around the corner. By making full use of spray-type sunscreen, let’s protect the skin from UV rays.