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Try to reapply sunscreen every time you sweat!
How to apply sunscreen right


“Though I applied sunscreen, I got suntanned!” “I always apply in my own way!” “How much should I apply?” “I got suntanned unevenly at the beach!” Don’t these ring a bell?

In fact, there is the right way and amount of sunscreen to maximize its effect. Here, let us share with you the right way of applying sunscreen and areas to which you tend to fail to apply and the effective way of applying it.

1-minute video that tells you how to apply sunscreen right

How to apply to the face and neck

First of all, shake the bottle well.


Apply sunscreen equal to a one-yen coin size on palm and place it on the five spots on the face (cheeks, forehead, nose and chin).


Smooth it carefully over the entire face. Use the entire fingers when applying and spread it, moving the hand widely. Apply the same amount of sunscreen to the face again.


For the neck, apply sunscreen equal to a ten-yen coin size to the hand and place it on several spots and smooth it upward.

How to apply to the body


For the arms and legs, apply an ample amount of sunscreen directly from the container to the skin linearly. Press the entire palm on skin and in large circular movements, spread sunscreen evenly. The area from the shoulders to the chest tends to get suntanned easily, so apply sunscreen carefully. In addition, try your best to apply it evenly. The spots where a sunscreen layer is thin tend to get suntanned more easily, so apply an ample amount of sunscreen lineally, spread it widely and evenly instead of adding a small amount of it several times.

You tend to fail to apply sunscreen to these spots!


The spots to which you tend to fail to apply sunscreen around the face include a hairline, ears, parts next to the nostrils, between the eyebrows, eyelids, face line, the back of the neck and an unexpected blind spot is lips.

The lips

- Lack melanin pigment and sebum secretion
- Have no perspiration glands
- Have a thin horny layer

Given these qualities, the lips are the site whose function to cut UV rays is weak. As they are unable to moisturize themselves on their own, if they are left without applying anything in an environment where UV rays are strong or it is dry, they tend to become rough or dark or end up peeling. Choose the appropriate items to protect the lips against UV rays and dryness (a lipstick with an SPF indication is recommended, for instance) and make it a habit of caring for lips on a daily basis.


The spots to which you tend to fail to apply sunscreen around the body include the top of the hand or foot, knees and the back of the knees, and the sides of the body. You tend to forget to apply sunscreen on the top of foot in particular. Try not to let it get suntanned when you wear sandals!

Tips on how to make the effect of sunscreen last

“Perfect” would be what we would like to say, if you apply the right amount of sunscreen in the right way. In order to have its effect last as long as possible, however, reapplying holds the key.

- When you sweat, wipe your sweat away with a towel or after swimming for long hours, reapply sunscreen as needed.
- It is recommended that you reapply sunscreen every two to three hours.

Let’s apply the right amount of sunscreen in the right way and not forget to reapply it to protect the beautiful skin not only right now but in the future as well.