Perfect UV Spray Aqua Booster
  • Available at your neighborhood drugstore, specialty shops, and general merchandise stores (GMS).

Strong UV ray-blocking spray
that cares for the skin

Perfect UV Spray Aqua Booster

〈Sunscreen Spray〉60g

  • SPF50+
  • For the face, body and hair

Easy & handy strong protection against UV rays!
Can be applied to the face and body as well, not to mention to the hair.

Here is the point

  • Skin-beautifying essence
  • Strong UV ray cuting capacity Aqua Booster Technology
  • 360° uneven suntan cuting technology
  • Can be removed easily with soap
  • Very water resistance

Carries the Aqua Booster Technology that enhances its UV ray-blocking film when exposed to sweat or water. Also contains "skin-beautifying essence.*" Securely protects the skin against damage from UV rays while caring for the skin. As it is a spray type, it is easy to apply/reapply. It doesn't have to be scrubbed off because it can be removed easily with soap.

*Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, rosehip extract


  • Aqua Booster Technology makes its UV ray cuting film even and stronger when exposed to sweat or water.
  • Skin-beautifying essence contained
    ・Hyaluronic acid, glycerin
    ・Rosehip extract
  • Can be removed easily with soap.
  • 360° uneven suntan cuting feature: Spreads over the skin evenly, protecting the skin against UV rays from all directions.
  • Very water resistance: water resistance property has been verified in an 80-minute bathing test.
  • The "Sand-proof" feature prevents the skin from being covered with sand.
  • Can be used with the container turned upside down.
  • Refreshing fragrance of "citrus soap"
  • No artificial coloring added and allergy tested (does not mean that it will never cause symptoms of allergy).