98% said "Most reliable" (Perfect UV Skincare Milk)

*1 N=300 women in their 20-30s
Survey by Shiseido
- The strongest is defined as SPF50+, PA++++ and water resistance effects within the ANESSA series.

  • Available at your neighborhood drugstore, specialty shops, and general merchandise stores (GMS).

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The strongest UV ray-blocking milk that cares for the skin

Perfect UV Skincare Milk

〈Sunscreen Emulsion〉 60mL

  • SPF50+
  • For the face and body

It strongly blocks UV rays penetrating the skin! It also contains skincare ingredients that account for 50%. For those who never want to get a suntan but would never give up on beautiful skin, either.

Here is the point

  • Contains skincare ingredients that account for 50%
  • The strongest UV ray cuting power Durable-type
  • Can be removed easily with soap
  • Very water resistance

"Aqua Booster Technology," which enhances the UV ray-blocking film when exposed to sweat or water, has been evolved even further, making it more resistant to rubbing by towel, etc.

Moreover, its carefully selected and blended beauty ingredients impart moisture to the skin, caring for its damage from dryness. It won't become whitish when applied and spreads smoothly, offering a gentle sense of use without a stiff sensation. It doesn't have to be scrubbed off because it comes off easily with soap.

I tried this!

  • Neither stickiness nor filmy feeling 100% of women showed support.*

*N=100 women in their 20-30s Survey by Shiseido


  • Advanced durable-type Aqua Booster EX Technology enhances its UV ray cuting film further as compared to the preceding Aqua Booster film.

Skincare ingredients to protect the beautiful skin

Skin moisturizing & conditioning ingredients
Protecting the skin from being damaged by UV rays to which it has just been exposed
Super hyaluronic acid*, marine collagen, aloe extract, rosehip extract DG *Acetylated hyaluronic acid
Beauty ingredients for protection during the day
Protecting the beautiful skin in the future
Green tea extract, cherry leave extract, tormentilla DG
  • Skincare ingredients account for 50%: Carefully selected beauty ingredients impart moisture, thereby protecting the skin against damage by dryness.

Aqua Booster EX Technology

Aqua Booster Technology
UV ray cuting film will become even and stronger when exposed to sweat or water.
Anti-abrasion feature
Its unique powder ingredient allows the fingers to slide smoothly, preventing the UV ray cuting film from coming off less easily.
previously,new design
  • Can be removed easily with soap.
  • Very water resistance: water resistance property has been verified in an 80-minute bathing test.
  • Milk with an airy touch won't make the skin whitish or stiff.
  • The "Sand-proof" feature prevents the skin from being covered with sand.
  • Can be applied as primer.
  • Refreshing fragrance of "citrus soap"
  • No artificial coloring added and allergy tested (does not mean that it will never cause symptoms of allergy).

For those customers who used to use
Essence UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster


Please choose Perfect UV SunscreenSkincare Milk

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