99% showed support, saying "Want to let children use" (Perfect UV Mild Milk)

*1 N=115 (Women who have children aged from 1 to 9)

  • Available at your neighborhood drugstore, specialty shops, and general merchandise stores (GMS).

  • Here is 20 mL mini size (Perfect UV Mild Milk Mini)Here is 20mL mini size >

Sunscreen that protects the sensitive skin firmly against UV rays

Perfect UV Mild Milk

〈Sunscreen Emulsion〉60mL

  • SPF50+
  • For the face and body

Recommended for those who want to protect their sensitive skin firmly or mothers who want to share sunscreen with their children.

Here is the Point

  • Strong UV ray cuting capacity
    Aqua Booster Technology
  • Environmental damage cuting formula
  • Can be removed easily with soap.
  • Very water resistance

With ANESSA's UV ray-blocking effect intact, attention is paid to the hypoallergenic properties. Can be applied to children and babies as well.* Comes with the Aqua Booster Technology that enhances its UV ray-blocking film when exposed to sweat or water, of course. It perfectly suits children who sweat a lot. It features a smooth sense of use and doesn't have to be scrubbed off but can be removed easily with soap. It feels gentle on the skin.

*Excluding newborn babies
**Alcohol-, preservative (paraben)-, and mineral oil-free

I tried this!

  • 98% showed support, saying, "Albeit its hypoallergenic properties, it cuts UV rays powerfully."*2
  • 98% of mothers showed support, saying, "It has neither stickiness nor a filmy sense."  *3

*2 N=50 (Women in their 20-30s who feel that their skin is sometimes sensitive)
*3 N=115 (Women who have children aged from 1 to 9)
Survey by Shiseido


  • Designed to be hypoallergenic so that it can be applied to babies and children*.
  • Additive-**, fragrance- and coloring-free
  • UV ray cuting and skincare ingredients carefully selected at the raw material level
  • Aqua Booster Technology makes its UV ray cuting film even and stronger when exposed to sweat or water.
  • Environmental damage cuting formula protects the skin against particles in the air or UV rays.
  • Can be removed with soap.
  • Very water resistance property has been verified in an 80-minute bathing test.
  • Milk with an airy touch won't make the skin whitish and stiff.
  • The "Sand-proof" feature prevents the skin from being covered with sand.
  • Can be applied as primer.
  • Allergy tested (doesn't mean that it never causes any symptom of allergy).

*Excluding newborn babies
**Alcohol-, preservative- (paraben) and mineral oil-free
*For children who is under one year old in particular, since their skin is immature, give consideration by avoiding going out while the sunshine is strong.