Perfect Smooth Mist

<Powder in Lotion Form> 38mL

Available at your neighborhood drugstore, specialty shops, and general merchandise stores (GMS).

Sports Makeup Technique
that Beats Sweat and Water!

Comfortable mist powder that
leaves the skin smooth even if you sweat

Perfect Smooth Mist

Perfect Smooth Mist

<Powder in Lotion Form> 38mL

Smooth Airy Formula m Smooth and
Airy Formula m

Lightening up the skin color Brightening
the skin color

Super hyaluronic acid GL* (Moisturizing) Super hyaluronic acid GL* (moisturizer)

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This makeup item is designed for use in sports scenes. Won't come off easily due to sweat, intended for those who want to stay beautiful even in sports scenes.
With a single push, a powder effect to brighten up skin color and enhance translucency can be expected. Features the Smooth and Airy Formula that prevents makeup from coming off and refreshes the greasy skin in a moment.
Can be applied easily before or after sports to leave the skin comfortable. Moisturizing ingredient, super hyaluronic acid GL (moisturizer)*, is contained.

*Acetyl hyaluronic acid NA + glycerin


  • "Smooth and Airy Formula m" refreshes the greasy skin in a moment.
  • A powder effect brightens up the skin color and enhances translucency.
  • Moisturizing ingredient "Super hyaluronic acid GL* (moisturizer)"
  • Allergy tested (does not mean that it will never cause symptoms of allergy).
  • If applied to finish up makeup before going out, it demonstrates a long-lasting effect to help makeup last long even under harsh conditions.
  • If applied after you sweat when you go out, for instance, it removes shine or stickiness from the skin in a moment, so that you can retouch your makeup easily and refresh yourself.
  • Fragrance to cover an odor, including sweat, is contained.

*Acetylated hyaluronic acid Na + glycerin

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