Naomi Osaka Full of Dynamism in a Ruthless UV-Radiation Environment!
Releasing the Question and Answer Arcs of ANESSA’s New Commercial

Naomi Osaka Profile

ANESSA, Japan’s top-selling (*1) sunscreen brand for 18 consecutive years, is launching a new commercial with Question (15 seconds) and Answer Arcs (15, 30, 60 seconds) starring brand ambassador and professional tennis player Naomi Osaka. It has gone on air nationwide with the start of the 2019 French Open to be broadcast on the TV Tokyo Network from May 26 (Sun), 2019. (*2)

*1 Intage SRI Sunscreen Market, data period November 2000–October 2018, ANESSA brand (monetary share) *2 Broadcast dates are subject to change.

About Naomi Osaka’s Brand Ambassador Agreement

ANESSA’s concept is “beauty sun care,” protecting against strong UV radiation and preserving future skin beauty, and has continuously supported athletes playing in harsh UV-radiation environments.

When Osaka plays at her training base in Florida or in games all over the world, she is constantly exposed to harsh UV radiation. She takes care of her skin for “future beautiful skin,” not only protecting it against such relentless UV-radiation damage but also defending against future stains. Moreover, she naturally values highly effective skin protection, but also factors like minimal skin stress, ease of application, and whether it is soap washable, precisely because she uses sunscreen on a daily basis.

Osaka diligently cares for her skin every day for the sake of future beauty, which perfectly matches ANESSA’s idea of “beauty sun care.” That is why we really wanted to support her, and signed this agreement. ANESSA will support Osaka’s future achievements and skin beauty by providing an environment where she can immerse herself in tennis without having to worry about UV-radiation damage.

About the New Commercial

ANESSA is a “sunscreen perfect for sports” as it protects against strong UV radiation, can be used comfortably every day, and allows you to immerse yourself in sports without having to worry about stains and other forms of future skin damage even in harsh UV-radiation environments.

The new commercial depicts Naomi Osaka as a symbol, facing the most relentless sun rays as she fights exposed to harsh UV radiation every day at her training base in Florida or in games all over the world. The scene of the Question Arc is a pure white court in a vast landscape of red clay. The desert represents harsh conditions for the skin and the court represents strong reflected light.
The cut capturing Osaka as she serves a ball thrown high in the air comes with the question “Why did Naomi Osaka choose ANESSA?”

Then, in the Answer Arcs, Osaka herself talks about her reasons for choosing ANESSA, centering on scenes of her continuously hitting the ball from various angles. Precious cuts that you don’t normally see during games are also impressively depicted, such as her relaxed expression between practice sessions and when she carefully applies ANESSA before practice.

Filming Anecdotes and Highlights of the New Commercial

We used the court where Osaka normally plays when filming her everyday practice scenes. Instead of putting on the filming shoes prepared by the staff, Osaka wore her own pair and showed motivation as if it were a real game. Once the rally started, many tennis player gathered around the court with a serious look on their faces as they prepared to burn into their memory the world queen’s every move.

Since we wanted to capture scenes of Osaka practicing naturally, her regular practice partner and coach Jenkins also participated. During breaks in the rally, she conversed with Jenkins and showed relaxed smiles.

The top highlights are scenes of the world queen Osaka playing in the unremitting sunlight. Please take note of her dynamic play, which had all the staff transfixed at the other side of the monitors. Naomi Osaka Profile

Comments from Naomi Osaka

“It’s an amazing honor to be able to do PR for ANESSA as their brand ambassador. Actually, my mother has also been using Shiseido products since way back, so she’s really happy, and my family’s happy. When I first used ANESSA, I was impressed by the smooth and pleasant texture. The sunlight is especially strong where I’m practicing in Florida, so it’s become indispensable for both practice and games. I intend to continue to preserve my future beautiful skin by properly using ANESSA for my sun care, and win those tournaments I’m aiming for together with ANESSA.”

Naomi Osaka Profile

BirthdateOctober 16, 1997


BirthplaceOsaka City, Osaka Prefecture

BasedFlorida, USA

World rankingNo. 1 singles(as of April 2019)

Brief Personal History

2001Moved to New York, USA at age 3.

2013Turned professional.

July 2014Qualified for the main draw for the first time at the Stanford Classic at age 16.

January 2016Qualified for the Grand Slam main draw at the Australian Open. Advanced beyond the qualifying competition at the subsequent French Open and US Open as well.

September 2016Entered the Pan Pacific Open as a wild card and reached her first WTA final, finishing runner-up. Named WTA Breakthrough of the Month.

March 2018First Japanese to win the Premier Mandatory event of the WTA Indian Wells Open, which is second in size only to the Grand Slam event.

September 2018At the US Open, became the first Japanese to have won the four major women’s singles tournaments.

October 2018First time to qualify for the WTA Finals. (3rd Japanese)

January 2019At the Australian Open, first Japanese to win the women’s singles and first Japanese male or female in history to achieve the world number one ranking.