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Sports makeup technique that beats sweat and water!

Make up Advise

ANESSA Suncare SeriesANESSASuncare Series
  • 1. Take up some sunscreen and Put it on five spots (both cheeks・forehead・nose and chin).
  • 2. Apply thoroughly in circular motions and spread it carefully On the entire face.

Apply repeatedly on top of the cheekbones or T-zone, both easily affected by UV rays. Don’t forget the ears, neck and nape of the neck! Of course, hands and fingers, too.

BB Base
ANESSA Perfect BB Base Beauty BoosterANESSAPerfect BB Base
Beauty Booster
  • ANESSA Perfect Smooth Mist
    1. Apply to the triangles below the eyes, and spread from the Center outward
  • 2. Use the palms to blend over the jawline.

Put on the center of the face and spread over to brighten the center part and create natural solidity. When applying a foundation, press lightly with a sponge for finishing to make it adhere to the skin, which prevents come-off. Effective for nostrils, forehead, and around the mouth, in particular.

Powder mist
ANESSA Perfect Smooth MistANESSAPerfect Smooth Mist
  • 1. Shake well. Hold it 15cm away from the face and Spray a few times and Lightly press with your palms. *Avoid the eye and mouth areas.
  • 2. After pressing, glide from the center outward.

White powder mist that is kept smooth and dry even with sweat, preventing makeup from coming off. You can freshen up your makeup with just a quick mist spray!

ANESSA Perfect EyebrowANESSAPerfect Eyebrow
  • [For solidly brushed eyebrows]
    Shake well and uncap.
    Knock one to three times and permeate liquid throughout the brush while adjusting the tip.
    Place the brush slightly vertically, fill in the thinner part of eyebrows by drawing lines one by one from the arch top to the outer end of eyebrows, and refine the entire shape.
  • [As an eyebrow coat]
    Apply throughout the eyebrows with the brush slanted.

Place the brush vertically for a fine finish or slantingly for wider application.
Apply Perfect Eyebrow after filling in the thinner part with a pencil or liquid eyebrow to keep from rubbing off easily.
The only eyebrow mascara that works sufficiently to perform natural styling on thicker eyebrows!

Melty Mode CheekColor used for the model :RD382
  • 1. Place a proper amount around the highest part of the cheekbones when you smile.
  • 2. Circle with fingers smoothly over the skin.
    Adjusting thoroughly is the key to making it fit on the skin!

Cream or liquid type which adheres tightly to the skin is recommended. Natural color development gives a finish with a naked-skin feeling.

Balm Lip NColor used for the model :RD383
  • 1. Apply a proper amount on the lip.
  • 2. A lipstick with lasting color is recommended for refinement.

Lip colors can be selected to match your outfit! Moisture & UV protection effects prevent skin darkening and maintain beautiful lip color.

Miki Ishida, Hair & Makeup Artist of Shiseido

[Makeup advisor]

Miki Ishida, Hair & Makeup Artist of Shiseido

Active in the hair & makeup world for shooting for advertising and publicity of Shiseido in NY, Paris, Tokyo Collection, etc. Also working as an instructor at Shiseido Academy of Beauty & Fashion (SABFA), a professional hair and makeup school.

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