Advertising Gallery

Light yet
highly protective.
For beautiful radiant skin.

With Hikari Mori as our new Muse,
we will introduce a campaign to express
the world view of ANESSA.


Beautiful skin, everlasting glow
Beautiful skin, shine in sports scenes as well
Want to overwhelm others in beauty as well. ANESSA's makeup for sports

TVCM Making Photo

TV commercial making photo (Smiling Hikari Mori)
TV commercial making photo (Hikari Mori turning toward the back)
TV commercial making photo (Hikari Mori looking toward upper right)
TV commercial making photo (Hikari Mori showing her face from her sun umbrella)
TV commercial making photo (Perfect UV Skincare Milk and Hikari Mori)
TV commercial making photo (Swimming Hikari Mori)
TV commercial making photo (Hikari Mori looking upward with the eyes shut at the beach)
TV commercial making photo (Hikari Mori looking obliquely downward)
TV commercial making photo (Hikari Mori standing with the ocean as a backdrop)
TV commercial making photo (A measuring tape and Hikari Mori)
TV commercial making photo (Hikari Mori gazing at light)
TV commercial making photo (Hikari Mori looking into the distance)
Hikari Mori

Hikari Mori

Born in Tokyo in 1992.
Modeling for various fashion magazines and advertising.
With her cheerful and open-hearted personality, she has been serving as the “angel” supporter for Because I am a Girl campaign organized by Plan International Japan since 2015.
Widening her appeal not only in the modeling world but also in various other fields.

CM Song


▼Title kiss you back ▼Lyrics When I reach to the blue sea
写し出す(reflecting) everything
その笑みで(your smile)
全部スマイルに(makes everything smiley)
Just wanna stay cute
The sun kisses you back
誰よりも (more than anyone)dressing you
The sun shines for you now
そのままでいて (stay as you are) I'm into you

▼Idea behind the song This is an innocent song with a message that everything in the world brightens one’s loved one like a spotlight.
I think I could put it well and both the sound and lyrics came straight from my heart.
I wrote this song confidently because I saw the perfect match with the rough sketch that I made when I was offered this assignment and what I wanted to do.



A band produced by JQ, a singer-songwriter who is himself the band’s member.
Creating the best sound for specific styles or situations together with his close friends.
His sound based on funk, acid jazz and other black music and also inspired by pop and rock produces one and only grooves in and out of Japan.
The band name, Nulbarich, is coined by combining
Null (zero or closer to zero status),
But and Rich (affluent, satisfied), meaning that the tangibles are not everything and the intangibles fill in the void (soul, kindness, gentleness, all other kinds of love, thoughts, behaviors, feelings).
The name carries the overtone that although nothing is there, it is still satisfying.

Nulbarich official website