Advanced Points

Ultimate UV cuter With
50% skincare ingredients

ANESSA has made UV ray protection and skincare effects for beautifying the skin compatible at last. ANESSA has evolved from a sunscreen agent that simply cuts UV rays to a new sunscreen agent that even helps the skin stay beautiful into the future.

Illustration of a woman who wears sunglasses

The new ANESSA differs in here!

Sunscreen agents with high UV ray protection come across as bad for the skin....

Illustration of ANESSA Sunscreen Contains skincare ingredients that account for 50%!

Half of ANESSA is made up of carefully selected skincare ingredients.
So it helps you make your skin beautiful.

Sunscreen agents with high UV ray protection tend to be considered to be of a heavy burden on the skin but this is not the case with ANESSA. Fifty percent of ingredients of ANNESA are stringently selected skin-beautifying ingredients so it helps leave your skin beautiful filled with moisture while protecting the skin against damage caused by UV- induced dryness.

No matter how strong a sunscreen agent may be, it comes off when exposed to sweat or water, doesn’t it?

Illustration of a distressed woman who wears sunglasses

ANESSA’s unique Aqua Booster Technology enhances
its UV protection veil when exposed to sweat or water.

When exposed to sweat or water, its UV protection veil becomes even and stronger, thereby strongly protecting the skin against damage caused by UV rays. Moreover, it comes with the advanced Aqua Booster EX Technology that gives the veil greater durability against rubbing, so it plays an active role when you sweat while enjoying sports or recreational activities.

Illustration of a woman shedding foams by a shower

Needless to say,
it is easily removed with soap.

Though ANESSA is resistant to sweat or water, it can be removed easily with solid or liquid soap that you normally use. So you need neither a specialized remover nor rubbing.


If you pick one, it has to be ANESSA after all!

Everything is for the beauty of women
who enjoy sports or recreational activities under the sun.
100 years have passed since Shiseido began research on UV rays.
ANESSA is the embodiment of the crystallization
of Shiseido’s beauty and knowledge.

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