Secret of ANESSA

What's the secret technology in ANESSA products?
Let's take a look inside ANESSA Research Lab on the beach!

Secret of technologies

  • Thermo Booster Technology
  • Aqua Booster Technology

Sweat, water and heat-enhanced UV Protective Veil .

Thermo Booster Technology

The UV protection veil that becomes stronger with heat, like the heat of the sun

  1. If UV protective ingredients are not uniformly spread, UV rays will get through the cracks. ANESSA Gold Milk utilizes heat to line up its UV protective ingredients uniformly!

Aqua Booster Technology

Sweat and water make the barrier even stronger!

  1. The UV protection veil, which tends to get uneven when it comes into contact with water, also becomes evenly spread upon contact with sweat and water, increasing in its strength!

  • Rubbing-resistant feature

Creates a uniform veil
so even when it gets rubbed against towel and cloth
it won’t easily come off

ANESSA is also tough against "rubbing"!

A unique powder that creates a uniform, smooth veil over the skin

  1. ANESSA's conventional powder

    Because of its low adhesion, it is easy to remove the veil by moving the finger.

  2. Aqua Booster EX powder

    ANESSA's unique powder creates a uniform and smooth veil over the skin, making it difficult to remove even by rubbing!

  • Super water proof

Also passed an 80-minute pool test
Not just for regular use,
but also for the beach and leisure!

Super water proof with increased water resistance

Thoroughly protects against UV damage and not be defeated by sweat and water

  1. The water resistance property was confirmed by a pool test of over 80 minutes, in which the product was compared with our conventional products

  2. The test showed that it protected the skin thoroughly, compared to the conventional products.

  • Comes off easily with soap

While it is resistant to water,
it comes off easily with soap
and gentle to the skin

Comes off easily with soap

Soap foam quickly breaks down the UV veil

  1. The sweat/water-resistant UV protection veil breaks down when mixed with soap bubbles.

  2. No stress on the skin as there is no need to rub the skin.